Service and hospitality is a personal gift of caring.

At La Carreta, keeping a higher level of service and
having fun on the job are our commitments every day!

  1. Have 1-2 years experience in the service industry.
  2. Be able to learn and know the menu.
  3. Have a good attitude!
  4. Make the tabletop picture-perfect.
  5. Ability to offer a sincere compliment.
  6. Engage your brain before operating your mouth.
  7. Be able to learn and use guests’ names.
  8. Remember what guests like and don’t like.
  9. Focus on delighting your guests.
  10. Make personal recommendations.
  11. Be punctual.
  12. Make it easy for large groups. (Yes, we do separate checks.)
  13. Be able to take good care of the kids.
  14. Move with the speed of the room.
  15. Resolve problems immediately.
  16. Be willing to invite guests back on specific days for specific reasons.
  17. Show your gratitude!
  18. Dress appropriately, clean attire and well groomed.
  19. Please apply in person.


If you think you have what it takes to have fun and give quality service to our guests, then call the La Carreta location you are interested in working at and set up an interview with the team’s manager!